Stationed in Cyprus


If you are stationed in Cyprus you are entitled to purchase a car tax free with our programme and Cyprus discounts. There is no need to pay an agent on the ground in Cyprus as we’ll help you every step of the way, including shipping and marine insurance in your quote and assistance with the required paperwork.

We make your purchase simple and easy to complete:

Confirm your order with FCD1
FCD register your car and send the VX302 form direct to you.FCD transport your car to the UK docks for shipping.
NB: 17-19 shipping days to Limassol
Go to your base with original VX302 to issue C104.A2
Collect your new car from Limassol port3
Meet the clearing agent at Limassol port to complete the custom formalities.Drive away in your new car!

Cyprus FAQs

What is a “tax & duty free” vehicle?
A “tax & duty free” vehicle is a vehicle that has been acquired without the payment of VAT, import-duty or excise-duty in Cyprus

Who can import a “tax & duty-free vehicle?
Any member of British Forces Cyprus or the civilian component of the Force can import a tax & duty-free vehicle.

Can my dependents import a “tax & duty-free vehicle?
No – only an entitled person can import a “tax & duty-free vehicle.

Who can drive a “tax & duty-free vehicle?
Only the owner and insured dependents within your household can drive the vehicle. Family members visiting you for a short period of time may also drive your vehicle with written permission from an SBA Customs Office. There are also certain circumstances where an entitled person can drive another entitled person’s car, with prior written permission from SBA Customs, e.g. an entitled person who is within 28 days of their tour start date and has evidence their vehicle has been shipped to Cyprus.

How long do I have to own the “tax & duty-free vehicle before I can sell it?
If imported personally or bought in Cyprus, you must own and use the “tax & duty-free vehicle for a minimum period of 6 month before selling it.

How long do I have to own the “tax & duty-free vehicle before I can export it?
You must own a “tax & duty-free vehicle for 28 days, from date of registration, before you can export it.

What documents do I need to import a “tax & duty-free vehicle?

DocumentHow do I obtain this document
AVX302 (in place of V5 log book)
Must be in entitled person’s name
Forces Cars Direct will supply
this to you
BC104A & Certificate of IdentificationVisit any SBA Customs Office
with your original VX302
CMOD90 & Assignment orders (MIL) or Passport and Status Certificate (UKBC)Required to obtain a C104A
DValid driving licenceRequired to obtain a C104A
EValid car insurance policy or cover note
– minimum of 4 months cover
Required to obtain a C104A
IMPORTANT: Please keep copies of each of these documents

We endeavour to give you the correct information, if you are aware of any changes, please let us know.

SBA Customs Offices contact details and opening hours
Download PDF here.

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